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Acid Pauli

Germany | DJ set

Acid Pauli
Stage: Manifiesto by Absolut
04:05 h

For the past 20 years, Martin Gretschmann has walked without restraint the unexplored boundaries of sound. During this time he has developed a universe of his own, where he can give free rein to plastic melodies that invite to levitate above the ground.

For Gretschmann, both music and dance are useful vehicles for raising awareness, which is why he identifies himself with the so-called shamanic house, a style that seeks to establish a mystical connection in which the DJ is virtually elevated to spiritual guide, generating an atmosphere that encompasses audience and artist.

From the booth, Acid Pauli constructs a puzzle that goes beyond dance music. Guided by his experimental interest, he explores new fields of music outside the beaten paths: psychedelic, adventurous and full of musicality, a wide range of sounds that result in more than danceable sessions.