• Access

    • Can I access with a camera?

      Entering the festival with professional photo or video cameras, recorders, drones or selfie sticks is not allowed

    • Can I access with my motorbike helmet or other transport elements such as skateboards or bicycles?

      No, large objects such as suitcases, bags or large backpacks, skateboards, motorbike helmets aren't allowed

    • Can I bring animals into the festival?

      Bringing in animals of any kind is not allowed, except for guide dogs accompanying visually impaired people duly identified

    • Can I bring food or drink into the festival?

      You can only enter with one bottle of water — maximum size: 0.5 l

    • What is the minimum age to enter Paradise?

      All festival-goers must be of legal age. =/=/=

    • Is there access to the festival for people with reduced mobility?

      Yes, the festival has access to the general public area for people with reduced mobility

    • Can I come back in Paraíso if I leave the festival?

      Once you leave the festival, you won't able to come back in on the same da

  • Site and schedules

    • How do I get to Paraíso?

      Paraíso is held on the UCM Campus, behind the Faculty of Information Sciences. You can get there on Metro line 6 and get off at the Ciudad Universitaria stop. You can also get there by bus on lines U, G, 46, 82, 83, 132, 133, 162 and N-20, or if you prefer you can walk, the venue is located 10 minutes from the Moncloa Interchange.

    • What protocol will be applied at the festival in relation to Covid-19?

      We will apply the regulations set by the competent authorities at the time of the festival. We will inform about them as the date of the festival approaches.

    • Does Paraíso have a parking facility nearby?

      Paraíso doesn't have a parking facility for cars or other vehicles, although there are parking spaces and a parking facility nearby. However, we remind you that you can also come to Paraíso by public transportation, by bus and metro, both with stops very close to the festival.

    • What are Paraíso's opening hours?

      The doors will open at 17:30 and each session will end at 5:30.

    • Is there a time limit to access the festival?

      No, you can access both days at any time after doors open. Remember that if you have to exchange your day ticket or two-day ticket for your wristband, you'll have to do so between 17:00 and 3:00 at the Wristband Collection Office.

  • Services

    • Is there a cloakroom service?


    • Is there a lost and found point?

      If you find or lose an object at Paraíso, go to the information point.

    • Can I buy gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan food at Paraíso?


    • Can I buy gluten-free beer at Paraíso?


    • Can I buy tobacco at the festival?

      No. If you are a smoker, remember to buy your tobacco before entering the festival.

    • Is there an internet connection?

      No. The festival has mobile coverage, although we cannot guarantee its quality.

    • Are there toilets for people with reduced mobility?


    • Is there a camping area at Paraíso?


  • Tickets

    • Where can I purchase my Paraíso ticket?

      In the Tickets section of our website.

    • Can I purchase tickets at the festival?

      Yes, at our ticket offices from 17:00 to 3:00 as long as tickets are available.

    • How do I get my Paraíso wristband?

      If you've already purchased your two day ticket or day ticket, before entering the festival you must go to the Wristband Collection Office, located at the entrance to the venue, with your ticket printed or on your mobile. You can only redeem your own.

    • I've purchased my ticket but I haven't received an email confirming the sale. What should I do?

      Email Fever through this form.

    • What happens if I purchase a ticket in an unofficial sales channel?

      Paraíso cannot guarantee the validity of a ticket purchased through an unofficial sales channel.

    • What should I do if I lose my ticket?

      Make sure the ticket hasn't fallen into someone else's hands. Only the first ticket presented at the festival entrance will be valid. Any ticket with the same code presented later will be considered invalid.

    • How can I contact customer service?

      Email Fever through this form.

    • Can I get an invoice for my ticket?

      The ticket itself is valid as an invoice. However, if you're a company, you can contact hola@paraisofestival.com.

    • Can I return or modify my ticket?

      Once purchased, tickets cannot be cancelled or modified.

    • Are tickets nominal?


    • What happens if the festival cannot be held this year due to the pandemic?

      Your ticket will be refunded or you will have the option to use it for another edition.