These are the works selected from the installation and performance calls

We’re pleased to present two of the works that will nourish Paraíso 2019’s artistic ecosystem. Plastic Beach and Dentro are two of the projects selected from the visual arts and living art calls, opened last February.

Plastic Beach | Installation

Plastic Beach is an installation focused on the use of PVC—the most commercially widespread polymer—to reflect on the spirit of consumption in today’s society through a vault of 180 kg of plastic, the average amount a family wastes in one year, made with beach mats. It will serve as a recreation and relaxation area, making it visible that polymers can be used more intelligently.

These mats will remain intact at all times so as to recover them and give them a new life after the festival. The material is 100% phthalate-free PVC, which facilitates its recyclability and durability. Also, the flanges will be removed without breaking, resulting in a completely reusable pavilion.

Plastic Beach has been created by Alberto Alonso, Sergio González, Enrique Mansilla and Maxi Martín of the architectural production group Terrario Arquitectura, formed by students and architects recently graduated from the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (UPM).

Dentro | Performance

Made in collaboration with La Juan Gallery, Dentro is the project selected in the category of living art, a performance that takes place under an inflatable sculpture to propose new experiences connecting space, the body and coexistence.

The performers rethink the space, their relationship with it and the way to inhabit it, so that the subject becomes an object and their body a territory of meanings, with the aim of transcending the limits of their own ego to build a collective ego.

Its analogy with the natural space explores different ways of connecting to the environment. Dentro portrays urban and intimate images that lead us to passivity and indifference as receivers. Agglomeration, interaction, mutation, inclusion and dialogue are some of the concepts underlying this work accompanied by illuminated atmospheres.

Dentro has been created by Melisa Zulberti, contemporary dancer, visual artist and creator of performance installations in continuous exploration of interconnections among various languages.