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Gastronomic area

We know how important it is to re-energize before you dive onto the dance floor. In Paraíso we take food very seriously and, accordingly, we want you to experience a carefully chosen culinary offer with organic, sustainable and local ingredients, with menus for all palates and vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

Rebeca Hernández

Rebeca Hernández

For the second consecutive year, chef Rebeca Hernández will be in charge of commissioning the gastronomic area of Paraíso. Her imagination and passion for cooking have been responsible for her first Sol Repsol, the award given to the most creative chefs by the Repsol Guide.

This chef's culinary laboratory, La Berenjena restaurant, is located in Madrid's gastronomic heart, the Chamberí district. This kitchen has served to give free rein to her imagination and earn her costumers' positive reviews. It all looks so appetizing in this place of worship for gourmets!

Creative chef, teacher, restaurant advisor, businesswoman and now also creative mind behind Paraíso's food area, Rebeca has an important mission: that each one of the attendees licks their fingers with her creations.

Paraíso's gastronomic area has been conceived by Rebeca Hernández in collaboration with Banquete Pop Up, a pioneering company in the design of gastronomic experiences, specializing in ephemeral events in unique places where food is always the protagonist.