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Brazil | DJ set

Every time Selvagem touch a deck, echoes sound from the depths of Brazil. It’s no wonder, as  this duo have a delicate knack for digging up forgotten gems of Brazilian music. Looking at their repertoire, you will be taken to leafy and unexplored jungles on a pleasant journey through the music of a country with a Latin accent and culturally linked to dancing.

Millos Kaiser and Augusto Olivani are the faces behind Selvagem, who are also behind some of the best and most legendary parties in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, as well as their own label, Selva Discos.

As their mantra reads, Selvagem believe in free associative thinking when it comes to music. Faithful to that motto, these Brazilians thrill crowds with mixes that go from boogie to house, through disco, funk and soul from all times for all ears.

Make sure to grease your hips well before Selvagem take the booth. Be assured you won’t be able to stop dancing. Trying to do otherwise would be going against nature.