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Rodriguez Jr. & Liset Alea

France | Live

Rodriguez Jr. & Liset Alea
Stage: Paraíso
22:05 h

The broad spectrum of inspirations that surround Olivier Mateu converges in Rodríguez Jr., the most eclectic proposal of Mobilee Records, the Berlin-based family. Currently, Rodriguez Jr. wields his own vocabulary, with which he eludes shapes and colors that become tangible in his latest release, “Baobab” (2017).

Mateu regards voice as one of the cornerstones of this record, which is why he joined vocalist Liset Alea. Current live partner and composer of several tracks in the album, Liset Alea is the former vocalist for Nouvelle Vague. Both find the right time to join and discover new horizons together.

Rodríguez Jr. arrives in Paraíso ready to thrill with his live piano performance, moving from contemplative electronica to the deepest and most urgent techno, boosting the energy in the air with Liset’s vocals.