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Nicola Cruz

Ecuador | Live

Stage: Manifiesto by Absolut
21:40 h

His passion for the landscapes, cultures and rhythms of his adopted home makes Nicola Cruz irradiate an intimate understanding of nature, note after note. The result is an exploration of ancient myths and traditions of Ecuadorian folklore with which he pairs irresistible beats.

With his new album, Siku (ZZK Recordings, 2019), Nicola Cruz turns his gaze to different parts of the world to conceive a dual dynamic—in which the ancestral flows through contemporary compositions—that has been carved with artists, rhythms and instruments that have persisted throughout time.

Paraíso will be the first stop in Spain where he will delight us with his new work, Siku, alongside visual artist Fidel Eljuri. A contagious live performance that will give free rein to new tracks, rhythms and melodies with which Nicola Cruz takes new creative directions without forgetting the spark and warmth with which he ignites all his live shows.