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Max Abysmal

Netherlands | DJ set

Max Abysmal
Stage: Manifiesto by Absolut
21:30 h

Behind the name Max Abysmal hides a luminous vision of dance culture. His universe is divided in equal parts between the taste for the distant, esoteric tracks and tropical dynamite. A diverse and energizing mixture of ambient, psychedelic rhythm patterns, dusty funk from the 80’s, primitive techno, Lo-Fi brushstrokes… Abysmal is clear about it: anything goes as long as it can be danced to.

His first EP, released by the effervescent family Safe Trip, Young Marco’s label, has been used to whet the appetite of the most curious clubbers. Equally backed by venues all over Europe and his successful residence at the Dutch club De School, Abysmal aims for the top. Don’t make the mistake of missing one of the great talents emerging at maximum speed from Amsterdam’s fertile scene.