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Laurent Garnier

France | DJ set

Laurent Garnier
Stage: Paraíso
02:45 h

Laurent Garnier is a living legend of electronic music: this DJ and producer is responsible for having ignited the spark of techno throughout Europe, and his work has crept into libraries, cinemas, theatres… Garnier is undoubtedly a multifaceted artist but, above all, he’s a true DJ, transformed by music and always in tune with the crowds and the energy on the dance floor.

He’s been bringing brilliance to the dance floor for over 30 years without losing a bit of freshness. That’s why Garnier has already made several generations dance all over the world to the rhythm of melodies immune to the passage of time, characterized by the avant-garde sound innate to this genius.

Next June, the Frenchman will descend from the Olympus of electronica to Paradise to conquer us once again. Garnier leaves his mark.