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Iceland / Faroe Islands | Live

Stage: Paraíso
02:35 h

Ólafur Arnalds has achieved international respect and recognition for contemporary classical music as a soundtrack composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. In Kiasmos, Arnalds takes the piano to the dance floor, where it meets the synthesizers and rhythm boxes operated by Janus Rasmussen, also known as the brain behind electro-pop band Bloodgroup.

This duo moves in the field of sheer ambient electronic music, built on hypnotic loops, minimal piano arrangements and an elegant clubber spirit. Kiasmos are introspection and their beauty lies within the duality of Arnalds’ acoustic performance and Ramussen’s synthesized electro pop, as shown in their latest EP “Blurred” (Erased Tapes, 2017), where Kiasmos deliver their most luminous creation to date.

The Scandinavian influence of their compositions becomes patent in their concerts. From the booth, Kiasmos offer a live show pervaded by their distinguished sound aesthetics, generating unique, organic and danceable melodies —a game between the acoustic and the digital that makes any floor the most elegant of meetings.