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John Talabot

Spain | DJ set

John Talabot
Stage: Club
01:15 h

You may already be familiar with everything we can tell you about John Talabot, since his is the first case of a Spanish electronic producer taking a firm leap into the international spotlight and thereby setting a precedent. 

Responsible for all this is Oriol Riverola, who has won over half the world’s clubbers with an enveloping kind of house full of nuances. Since he released his two maxis “My Old School” and “Sunshine” in 2009 on Permanent Vacation, nobody has dared to question the position he has achieved on his own merit.

Loaded with something as necessary and attractive as mystery, Talabot’s sound is as dark as it is vital, one of those combinations that seduce and hypnotize. We are sure more than one of you will fall into his web at Paraíso 2019.