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Guy Gerber

Israel | DJ set

Guy Gerber
Stage: Paraíso
03:15 h

Guy Gerber has always chosen the least beaten path to the booth. Before tinkering with drum machines and synthesizers, Gerber was closer to groups like Joy Division or My Bloody Valentine. These influences still clearly resonate in his music today, whether in his hypnotic live shows or in his contemplative and temperamental productions.

As a DJ, Guy Gerber is consistently ranked as one of the best live artists in dance music, having entered Resident Advisor’s top 10 live acts for three years in a row.

Guy Gerber effortlessly blends the worlds of melancholy and euphoria, halfway between house and a magnetic swing style. When DJ’ing, his sets have been known to overturn the audience’s expectations. It’s hard to predict how his set will sound in Paraíso. The only sure thing? Get ready to dance.