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Iceland | Live

Stage: Paraíso
00:50 h

Their determination for electronic aesthetics reflects in ten albums with which GusGus have offered, album after album, a revitalizing vision of the genre. In 2018 the Icelanders set out to revive their most iconic essence with their album ‘Lies are more flexible’ (NoPaper Records), with which they found the perfect synergy between the experimental and electronic dance music.

The most traditional part of their discourse is framed in techno, trip-hop and house, but GusGus have more than 20 years of innovation behind them. GusGus is a collective through which many artists have come and gone since 1995. Currently composed of its founding members, Biggi Veira and Daníel Ágúst, they continue the eclectic and experimental line that in their live shows translates into pure adrenaline, sexy and very danceable electronica. Avoid uncomfortable shoes, GusGus will make you dance and want more and more.