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Spain/Italy | Live

Stage: Club
18:30 h

Delaporte sprouts on the fertile soil of the Madrid scene. Youtube saw the birth of this Italian-Spanish duo after breaking in with successfully personal covers, such as their version of Spanish 80’s pop hit Escuela de Calor by Radio Futura, or Hundred Miles by Yall.

In the fall of 2017, Delaporte embarked in the production of their first EP, One, followed in 2018 by the magnetic Uno. Engaged in compositions of enveloping atmospheres and in the search for warm regions where they can develop their unique sound, Sandra Delaporte draws on the most innocent soul to sing over Neapolitan Sergio Salvi’s textured bases.

Extremely addictive and irresistible to dancing, energy is a constant on their live set. Immersed in the search for hybrid territories as they are, it is no surprise that styles as diverse as pop and cumbia coexist in their repertoire. Both genres, filtered through the new urban and a light Mediterranean freshness, are brought with an excellent elegance in symbiosis with their wildest side, which makes Delaporte’s live show a difficult one to escape.