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Charlotte Gainsbourg

France | Live

Charlotte Gainsbourg
Stage: Paraíso
23:35 h

Charlotte Gainsbourg embarked on a new journey with her latest album, a voyage towards her most electronic side. From our first steps to our first kiss, life is full of “first times”, and Gainsbourg took them to her last album Rest (Because Music, 2017).

Her artistic pedigree is currently defined by a mechanical and brooding sound. At the end of 2018, she released her EP Take 2, a firm step forward after Rest, acclaimed by consensus as one of the best albums of 2017 by the international press.

All the ghosts from the past of the French actress, singer and icon are transformed into an emotional live show, capable of penetrating deep into your sensitive tissue and leaving you with a permanent dose of goose bumps. Charlotte Gainsbourg returns to Madrid next June at Paraíso 2019.