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Bob Moses

Canada | Club set

Bob Moses

Tom Howie has a background in rock and Jimmy Vallance in trance. They’re the faces behind Bob Moses. They also hold a couple of nominations at both the Juno and the Grammy Awards, a Grammy Award for their track “Tearing Me Up” and are one of the must-see live shows at Paraíso 2019.

Bob Moses can’t go unnoticed. The sensitivity of their compositions aims for the depths of our being while they conquer us onstage with a sensual vocal universe, powerful beats and guitar roars. It makes no difference who takes over the computer and who the piano because Howie and Vallance can do it all. That flexibility takes them to their own domain, where the fringes of rock and electronica meet at a dizzying rhythm.

The spark that ignited the curiosity in these two Canadians and concluded with the creation of this joint project in 2012 still dwells in the spirit of Bob Moses. Paraíso will serve as a stage to present their latest work, Battle Lines (Domino Records, 2018), in Madrid.