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Spain | Live

Stage: Club
20:45 h

The particular feminine touch of Barcelona-based producer and DJ Awwz has been decisive in capturing the attention of the international scene. A flagship of her own music genre, Awwz introduces us to shower music: a dreamlike journey through RnB made of diaphanous structures and slow beats.

With sensual voices, luminous melodies and downtempo rhythms, Awwz encourages us to an introspective dance, instantly connecting with anyone who crosses paths with her music. Awwz’s singular and intimate understanding of electronic music has won her the hearts of audiences around the world, with live performances that are irresistible to the ears.

Her gentle, delicate touch for electronica has become a powerful identity sign, unique in the electronic scene. Awwz will bring to Paraíso her new work “Bounce Back” (Nacional Records, 2017), an intimate and mysterious piece with one clear purpose: to win our hearts once again.