Towards a sustainable Paraíso

Aware of the environmental impact of holding a festival, the sustainable management of Paraíso has become one of our priorities. We want to work, from the first edition, to progressively minimize the event’s footprint and, in the medium term, to make Paraíso a festival that leaves its mark on the public, but not on the environment.

In each edition, we will launch different actions in which you can collaborate in several ways: from something as simple as following our recommendations, to being part of our environmental volunteer program.



We will design communication projects with the aim of raising awareness of the impact of the festival itself and of some of the environmental challenges we face as a society.

Paraíso will include in its programme artistic installations on the festival site which will raise questions and elicit reflections on environmental protection.

We know that non-controlled cotton production can have a negative impact, so all the t-shirts you can buy at the Paraíso Store will be made of organic cotton.

An environmental volunteer team will be available to inform you about the measures we have implemented and to help you follow the different recommendations.


We work in collaboration with the Technical Unit of Maintenance of Green Areas of the University to ensure the protection and care of the natural elements that make up the festival site. Your collaboration is also important. Think global, act local!


You can find out about the different ways to get to the festival through our website and social networks. We recommend using public transport, and especially the Metro: Ciudad Universitaria station is right at the entrance of the festival site.


In Paraíso you will be able to enjoy healthy and quality food, with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. The use of local and seasonal products will be highly encouraged, and it will be served with biodegradable dishes, cutlery and packaging.


In the first edition of the festival an audit will be carried out to assess the energy consumption parameters of the event, gathering data on the equipment and its use, with the aim of improving energy efficiency in the coming years.


So that you can enjoy facilities in top condition and rest assured that your waste is properly managed, Ephymera Sostenibilidad will take care of the designing, planning and implementation of the strategy for cleaning and selective collection. The cups provided in the festival bars will be returnable.


Every year, after holding the festival and measuring the carbon footprint generated, a tree planting will be carried out in order to offset the footprint and progressively contribute to the reforestation of some areas of the Community of Madrid through the creation of the Paraíso Forests. All the information will be available here soon.



  • If you come from outside Madrid, the most sustainable public transport is the train.
  • If you travel by car, think about car-pooling.
  • Once in Madrid, the best option to get to the venue is the Metro.


  • Cups are returnable: return them at the bar and you will not have to pay for it with your next drink.
  • Use the appropriate recycling bins and containers for each type of waste. Avoid throwing objects on the ground.
  • If you smoke, use a pocket ashtray for your cigarette butts. If you don’t have one, you can get one at the Paraíso Store.


Do you want to contribute to the environment while enjoying Paraíso? Join our environmental team as a volunteer!

Your role will be to encourage and actively participate in recycling during the festival. In exchange for your work, you’ll get a two-day pass to enjoy Paraíso. All the tools you need will be provided by us.

You can sign up until June 6. 

How? To apply as an environmental volunteer, send an email to us at before June 6. Once registered, we will contact you to formalise the request.

Also, as a deposit, you will have to pay the price of the two-day pass. The money will be refunded in full to each volunteer once they have completed their shift.

For how long? As a volunteer, you will work a six-hour shift on one of the two days. During the rest of the festival, you will be able to enjoy it as any other attendee.

Requirements to be met:

  • You must have submitted your application by June 6.
  • You must be of legal age.
  • You must be in possession of a Spanish ID card (DNI) or residence card.